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Weego Car Battery Jump Starter

Weego Car Battery Jump Starter

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Weego Jump Starter Battery+

Weego Jump Starter Battery Video

    • Easily jump start your vehicle
    • Charge your phone and tablet
    • Fits in your pocket
    • Includes easy-to-use jumper cables
    • Wall and Car Chargers
    • LED flashlight, wall and car chargers, 3-in-1 (micro, 30-pin and lightning)
    • Pays for itself after 1 jump
    • 18-month warranty
    • Jumper cables and battery pack with safety circuitry protections built in and independent lab tested
    • Starts gas engines up to 4.6L (diesel up to 2.4L), charges phones, tablets, speakers and other portable USB devices
    • Long-lasting 12V lithium-ion battery

Left your headlights on? Stuck in a deserted parking lot? What to do? Weego Standard Jump Starter Battery+ eliminates the worry and fear, and allows you to get moving again-fast.

Get a Weego Jump Starter Battery+ and you'll never be stranded in a deserted parking lot again. It will eliminate the worry and get you moving again fast! It's so easy to use, anyone can do it, no matter the level of your mechanical knowledge. A built-in flashlight can help see you through the jump. And, not only can you easily jump start your engine, you can also charge your phone, tablet, speakers and other USB devices. Simply plug Weego into your device with the included 3-in-1 USB charging cord. Weego Jump Starters are made with durable, quality components. Built-in circuitry protections ensure long-lasting, safe performance of the unit. It will last for 1,000 full charge cycles. Get one for your traveling student, your wife, your husband or anyone you worry about. Backed by an 18-month manufacturer warranty.

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